Abni Nur another abuser of the system


Abni Nur

asylum seeker stats top trumps stats
children : 7 !
wife : 1
Cost to the taxpayer : £2000 a week in housing alone ?

Basically this government is telling foreign people, that by the demonstratable action of granting people, such as Abni Nur rights to live this country, and giving them such inappropriate benefits, that if you turn up here with a wife who youve stuffed your seed into excessively enough times, so shes has lots of children swinging of her tits, and you come from a country in which their has been war at some point, and if you lie and say that if you are returned you will die.


You and your wife and the progeny of your dick, will all be paid for to live in one of the most expensive areas of london for free, like you are some kind of immigration millionaire ? at the expense of taxpayers who may not even be able to afford their own home.

So do you think this will encourage or discourage immigration long term ? whats the message thats being sent by these actions ? think about it.

I think all it does encourage others to try the same.

And no doubt some middle class people will say its not Abni’s fault, its the systems ? truth it is mainly that the system is to soft, But Abni Nur decided to come here, precisely because he knew he could abuse this system to make this possible for himself, he is not innocent in any sense, he did like any organism, for his own self benefit, there is a selfishness in his actions, as far as I’m concerned this guy is asking for trouble, does he not realise how injust it would be, If I went to somalia with a wife and an excessive number of children and expected the somali taxpayer to support me and all my family in luxury housing in the best area for the rest of my life ? He is inviting the wrath of the general poor who do not claim benefits in this country, and work to pay for their themselves and keep their heads above water.

Truthfully the guy should be sent back unless he can now support his own children and even then, I think hes nothing more than an international con artist using his dick as a to generate the currency of children, which he then uses as a blackmail tool, to abuse this countrys systems.

Was once a bus conducter, probably just enough time in order to complys with the systems necessitys of proving income to support family or becoming a keyworker or something crass to better abuse the systems weakness, until he felt secure enough in his situation to stop working.

Mr Nur said he found the property with the help of a friend, what him and the landlord are in cahoots ? or that the masonistic attitudes of any minority mean they advise and help each other rape the system for all they can get ?

It annoys me also I when I hear, how people who own multiple propertys and rent them out, that if they couldn’t rent out some of there spare property, they could always rent it to the DSS, that whole idea of landlords in cahoots with the councils to rent for this immigrant housing thing is designed to benefit landlords, with free maintenance of the property etc, its all disgusting and perversely setup as per usual to benefit foreign minoritys.

I am so very tired of these same storys that reoccur again and again UK wide, this story is the exact evidence as to why comfortable well off hyper middle class posh with radically extreme over the top politically correct people, to the point of damaging this country, should not be running government or councils, because they are weak enough to allow abuses like this to occur !

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