I could enter here a precise review, but too simplify if your below 25 go see it, if your above don’t bother, the visual splendour is not outweighed by the shallow plot, or poorly defined questionable moral structure of badly adapted greek tales, injected like a breast enlargement, with too much silicon violence that doesnt equal the poetry it is trying immitate, its this overt amplification that means its easily burstable as popcorn trash for a mindless generation, obsessed with consumerism and their own tawdry entertainment.

If your studying cinematography, go purely to see the state of the art in lighting, slow motion, coloration and artistic de-riggeur that has been applied to allot of the shots, some of the scenes look like they have been deliberatly engineered to look like animated oil paintings of the highest quality, and in this apsect it succeeds in a way never seen before, few films have succeded so well in their opulent portayal of drama, violence and action. The rippled abs and moisturised cosmetically aesthetic male faces, also do not convince you of the era or the times when indulgence in vanity must have been less of an occupation, some shots look like a promo for a very vain gay football team or something. The homo-erotic element which was possible in the grecian/spartan context is highly underplayed. In comparison to the binary way in which the overt pushing of superiority in violence, being of course a very credible male attribute as always?!, and the talkers in the parliment being the weak easily swayed evil types, which of course sticks in the throat if you have any sensibilitys toward reality, and of course the way the deformed and ugly are of course again weak and morally questionable. This film does nothing to question the “virtuous adonis” stereotype perhaps nor should it, as greek culture was often equally swayed by vanity such as our own culture is today. The good evil mix is almost as clearly visually identifiable as say another sinner “lord of the ring’s”. The attempt with the Persian king as miltonian refined elegant devil kind of works, but is not drawn deeply enough and is too amplified visually (9ft tall, subsonic voice et all ) and appears remiscent of an egyptian overlord in stargate or something. The moral dynamic within the film feels too rigged and not fluid enough to satisfy a mature mind.

But then i guess we should remember this film is cut from comic book cloth, and like such breeds will be popcorn in nature.

its farcical nature evidenced by the shere quantity of such quality spoofing as follows rich material indeed :

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