London’s Lost Graveyard review : more societal propoganda to repaint history to fit liberal ideology

It gets easier with time to identify the programs whose covert agenda is subconscious societal propaganda, which is to be votive for the Mass immigration-al multiculturalist agenda’ed of the minority liberal power set and their ideology which is that multiculturalism is somehow magically morally righteous and superior, regardless of it deleterious effect on those who struggle, this whole programs aim it seems, at its outset, was to try and paint a parallel between mass immigration-al british culture today and the cultural makeup then 265 years ago, no real clear statistics and numbers are given after all why bother with science, lets just selectively pick examples instead, re-iterate the words foreign people allot who are often selectively picked out – as the people of interest and apparently the lives of interest, lets claim british people in general to be immigrants to london, yorkshireman foreign, because that fits the agenda we want to set, and that london has always had the same immigration-al makeup it has today ? bullshit ! ie apparently the bethlem graveyard is of course a heartfelt immigrant story. Note we are given little scientific numbers or percentages from the exhumations which will compare the ratio of british people versus foreign and comparison of that today – no its implied that then – just as now Britain has always been mass immigration-al multi-cultural society, which is false assertion, that all things are the same. This program is precisely illustrative of how history is altered and painted to the agenda of those liberals whose need to re-arrange our perceptions of it. And subtly label programs with epithets like “casts new light on the people who built london”. The british mans skeleton investigated is of course a man who dies of syphillus, what a convenient choice of portrayal, selective one wonders ? Like most programs today there is little statistics or hard facts presented – mainly a skewed tail is woven to portray a plebeian programatic and ‘access’able story’, that someone else has a desire and agenda to tell, rather than the facts of history. And in this case the surnames of those involved in the program, highlight were handing out plenty of good jobs to foreign people it seems in archaeology in london. why excavate 5000 people in the first place ? why not leave them in the ground did they need removing ? do the buried have rights ? or are the poor dead – just objects for our entertainment? and whose paying for all this and why? it seems to me archaeology today is a tax on building anywhere in Britain ? after all dig a whole anywhere theres bound to be some archaeologist who needs paying off – for you to have a right to dig it.