Update re photoshop woes

Apparently Cs6 finally implements some better file operations and restore and auto save ability’s, though I’ve heard allot of grousing about sluggish performance etc and seen it to on clients machines. It also seems that It allows but doesn’t warn users if they create recursive smart objects which basically kills photoshop dead speed wise.

ios update 6.1.3

Why does ios update 6.1.3 – a 17 odd mb download yet requires 662Mb to install ? Is there patching done on a separate copy of all maps data ? Then it should say temporarily requires 662mb as there description does not make clear whether the 662mb is additional Permanently and all this for better maps in Japan ? Do I have choice in storing maps of Japan on my phone taking up space permanently ? Perhaps it should also state final installed size ?


Photoshop fuckery and total WANK

WHy OH why does photoshop not store documents in some useful temporary form so that if there is a crash there is something useful to recover can this be explained, why has adobe made it so any tmp file it creates is stored in a deleted invisible file that no normal process can see even data recovery tool cannot find the temp file listed by this command ?

lsof | grep -i ‘Photoshop Temp’

?! what idiocy led them to think this would be a good idea ? even word has tmp file that can be recovered. adobe you flat out suck, and your photoshop crashes like buggery now ! why when it crashes and you reopen photoshop does it nor attempt to recover something from a temporary file !? why because adobe cant think clearly about what functionality there users need.

this page has a very good description of the insanity which means in this day an age you lose everything when photoshop crashes ?