What HiFi the worlds most trusted tech reviews ?

Andrew … stop binarising the arguments, its not 4K v 3D, if people are going to adopt passive 3D en masse then it sneeds to be full resolution HD passive 3D, Wake me up when there is some middle ground between 720p passive 3D (ie not LG’s fudged honest its Full HD3D) and £25,000 worth of television, im looking at this article, not because I want 4k, but what I want is Passive 3D at full HD no fudging, (And I dont want active 3D) and only want to pay a couple of hundred more than a standard passive 3D 720p model. Any overpaid footballer t***s reading this go buy one so the price comes down for the rest of us.
Also I think you forgot to append to your strapline “THE WORLD MOST TRUSTED TECH REVIEWS” with the words ‘for people who dont question anything’, REVENGE: I was once on the What Hi Fi Couch, and it left me permanently scarred as to how print journalism was done, I certainly think at What Hi Fi, your major bias in reviewing is in an attempt to increase the scale of the industry(admirable but should be noted), therefore reviews are never harsh on the basis you want more review models or something. The meaning of the words I gave as a reviewer on the couch, were twisted to the opposite of my intention for the review printed in that issue, in other words the team at what hi fi, had made there mindup as to how the review was going to go, long before getting the public people on the couch in, it was a head to head between a Linn Karik system and a Beo minimalist system, neither of which I was impressed with greatly, but then the review dungeon you have, as i like to think of it, is an abnormal environment to review hifi in ? But having been on the couch I personally know … never to trust your reviews, now that we live in the internet age you can delete my comment, but at least you cant re-write my actual words !