Apples current arrogance and self love and ignorance toward upgradeability, recyclabilty and repair

I have been using Apple Computers since the Apple II europlus, and do apple tech support for a living, I was evangelist for a long time and helped recruit many johnny come latelys to the party. But to be honest Apple are pretty evil as concerns this stuff nowadays, their marketing is extreme and over the top, and their supposedly unparrallel’d design cant be that great if the design doesn’t include the ability to repair, upgrade or easily recycle the components, like most design today its form second and functional customer orientated design third, and primarily supreme profit margins first, the volume in which their selling and premium for which they charge, they need to listen more to their customers, I certainly no longer wholeheartedly recommend apple to people on limited budgets who want upgradeability , Their sony like walled garden money making cash till mentality is also wearing. The computing arena is supposed to enable people and develop their understanding and save them time, the postpc era is generally becoming a new form of media based entertainment distraction device anyway.

Apple linein and stupidity with audio inputs

Another reason apple are totally crap in twenty years they have failed to put a mic input on theri fucking computers !!!!

Linein only and no mic input

this has been the case since the plaintalk mic fucking days, can they get over theyre own fucking gigantic fucking super design egos and include a standard fucking mic input someday on their fucking machines ? no I fucking doubt it ! fucking assholes !

heroin is not acceptable.

heroin cannot be legalised or tolerated

very addictive … tolerance and quantity of consumption increases rapidly, inject 4 to 8 times a day ? leading to distorted unproductive behavioral life patterns, its a waste of time to be injecting that often every day ? injecting itself regularly is dangerous. constipation can be severe and very unpleasant, agree its safer than paracetomol from an organ sense, but people dont tend to get addicted to paracetomal ? Clean and legal supply to addicts ? why waste money on that its inefficient.

A Passing Cloud – poem

a passing cloud

The painting inspired me to write a little…

The faithful dog lives free of the mental tumult, that prevents us seeing the light, that through yonder window breaks…


To our side the faithful dog that bides and binds their time with us, lives free of the mental tumult, that prevents us seeing as they always do … the light in life … that late with hope through yonder window with beauty riven … quiet breaks …

interesting side note re this picture from its source

“Cardiff, National Museum of Wales, and London, Leighton House, Arthur Hughes: Pre-Raphaelite Painter, 1971, no. 33.

A letter, sold with the picture, from Arthur Hughes to Margaret Finch, dated 8 September 1908 reads:

“Kew Green

I am so delighted to know how much you like my picture, but cannot tell you how glad I am. I like it myself and rather think it among my better things. I know that altho’ they always I hope mean well, some turn out middling at last.

But, but, I cannot accept £75 for it from you, so please forgive me for so enclosing the cheque; and my proposal is that you write one for £60 – now that will be meeting your most generous mind quite satisfactorily, and more to me a great deal.

Your idea of taking the picture home with you is truly comic: and instead of that, you must let me have the address of the new abode, and I shall forward it straight there in a case, safely and properly I trust, about the time that your Staines treasures reach it. And now dear Margaret, about the price: this is the final word.”


do you hear the civility in that letter ? times were different then, refusing to take the greater figure already offered this is when englishness was great, when morality and integrity were greater than wealth.

and getting carried away I did another painting :

From the river born, to the river gone, now and forever more you merry brides of may, slip my hand backward through the glass black winding sheet, return to the deep of thy mothers supernatural flow, to the source … to the power … to the … wild … go.

see if you can guess which painting that relates to ? :)

WHsmiths Victoria station

Horrifically Overpriced franchise operation, a small packet of anything is very expensive, Magazines perhaps arent marked up terribly ? but all the other sundries really are. This outlet seems a great deal more expensive than most other whsmiths ive been too, if you want to waste money on overpriced items before you catch a train waste your money into these greedmongers pockets here, No doubt in turn they’re ripped off By extortionate station rent or something but really this all comes down to passengers being mugged for a drink or a sandwich, its fundamentally an unpleasant little venture. I refuse to spend money here or spend the absolute minimum when desperate.

Spunking billions on the railways – lead to economic growth ?

bullshit waste of money on prettifying rail infrastructure at the behest of fat overstuffed railexecs

Just so they can pack more bullshit international corporation based shopping mall in the crappy fucking station, I personally want a train station in my train station not more shopping fucking experience !!! have you seen kings cross st pancras its like walking round a massive mall it takes ages to get anywhere, the problem with the kings cross and st pancras redevelopment is they havent actually changed the layout of track to bring any of the lines closer together, you still have to walk the same f’ing distances just now past a load of ripoff shops, none of us care about your pricey wanker designed roof, I don’t want to be paying for that or have it reflected in my ever increasing and uncompetetive train ticket prices compared to the rest of europe. for those railexecs who get “paid too much a year” i’m sure you don’t think train prices are too expensive, but you’ve lost contact with the salary of your fucking passengers you dicks ! not everyones a detatched house in the country wealthy prick, screw railexecs and all their kind, you can market on the BBC all you like as to how I should be happy with what your doing … I’m not … simple as, stop wasting money on grandiose plans of self railway love. after all the main users of these stations in this capital aren’t even people of english heritage anymore, considering the ever diminishing population of people of english heritage in london now, it’s just more cunts from elsewhere … so you harping on about flying scotsman and heritage mean nothing to an of audience somali asylum seeking benefits abusers who clag this no longer english capital city up.

barclays banking and bank operations in general archaic and in need of major overhaul

I want proper interest on my bank accounts not the piffling end of year accountancy irritance that is the ridiculous 0.005% or whatever it is you offer as standard. Nor the necessity to manually spend time transferring my moneys around to get better interest rates in other accounts as this is also a waste of existence.

I do not want to support the expense of business advisors who I have not have the need of for the last 15 years in business. Have a business account that offers proper interest on business accounts with limited risk fro a little interest growth with no charges of any sort on positive balances over X, that does not support a clique of barclays advisors, as others who borrow money may need such support, and I do not wish to be lumped with the expense of such employees just because a small proportion of other customers make use of them ?
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