Apple linein and stupidity with audio inputs

Another reason apple are totally crap in twenty years they have failed to put a mic input on theri fucking computers !!!!

Linein only and no mic input

this has been the case since the plaintalk mic fucking days, can they get over theyre own fucking gigantic fucking super design egos and include a standard fucking mic input someday on their fucking machines ? no I fucking doubt it ! fucking assholes !

heroin is not acceptable.

heroin cannot be legalised or tolerated

very addictive … tolerance and quantity of consumption increases rapidly, inject 4 to 8 times a day ? leading to distorted unproductive behavioral life patterns, its a waste of time to be injecting that often every day ? injecting itself regularly is dangerous. constipation can be severe and very unpleasant, agree its safer than paracetomol from an organ sense, but people dont tend to get addicted to paracetomal ? Clean and legal supply to addicts ? why waste money on that its inefficient.