barclays banking and bank operations in general archaic and in need of major overhaul

I want proper interest on my bank accounts not the piffling end of year accountancy irritance that is the ridiculous 0.005% or whatever it is you offer as standard. Nor the necessity to manually spend time transferring my moneys around to get better interest rates in other accounts as this is also a waste of existence.

I do not want to support the expense of business advisors who I have not have the need of for the last 15 years in business. Have a business account that offers proper interest on business accounts with limited risk fro a little interest growth with no charges of any sort on positive balances over X, that does not support a clique of barclays advisors, as others who borrow money may need such support, and I do not wish to be lumped with the expense of such employees just because a small proportion of other customers make use of them ?
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