Cull of celeb news please Louise

This is not news, this is zelebs attempting to get a story in the news by concocting a drama that doesnt exist, so they can reconcile a week later and that will also be news to fill more virtual column inches, Dear Daily mail it is your responsibility to filter this trash from your supposed news. Like most news today its just more itching powder down the back of the public that gets you gawpers.

Comment RE goldie’s husbands, and ex abuse after split.

perhaps … Hudson should have realised what kind of woman Goldie was by the fact he got her by poaching from another man whom she was already cheating on ? “Open” as she likes to call it ? personally I have other descriptive words to use. Then what made Hudson think by this obvious demonstration of her nature, she wouldn’t also quit him for another man ? He had some kids probably with the wrong woman, but doesn’t everyone ? at least he had some kids, And yes kids … its reciprocal make an effort with you father, and remember parents and especially famous ones at that, are vain self loving propaganda machines, thats how they got where they are. And could use her acting talents and money to portray any picture to you she wanted about your dad.

Camerons House Price support and Inflation Scheme

What the hell ? how is this going to work, Henry Pryor is right, the “NewBuy” scheme is just the houseowning classes trying to propup their ill gotten inflated houseprice gains by offering more debt availability to avoid a correction in the inflated house prices, this will fuel more property speculation.

Oh and lets give those who already steal/leech on the benefits system the opportunity to buy their own homes at an actual discounted price, ahead of those not on the ladder in the private sector ? They will give benefits claiments an actual discount on market prices ? and allow them to erode the quantity of social housing available, when it was proven last time that allot of the people who took advantage of the right to buy scheme were speculators using the right to buy scheme to make money through selling propertys on .

And the private renter who cant get on the ladder pays taxes and doesn’t claim benefits, instead they can carry the debt can so that when the correction occurs theyre stumped with the negative equity ? Great Cameron the benefit classes and the wealthy have again worked out how to screw the non claiming, poor to middle class non house owning set !