blizztard wowdetox post

played for 2-3 years well over 150 days continuous playtime, started the game on a US trial before EU trials were avail, got trapped US side playing from EU : worst raiding scenario, raiding ZG 40 mans would start 12-01:00am for me, Blizzards policy of no region transfers is also a joke, was ruining my life as was locked into us raiding schedules, occupied way to much life, quit subscription before WOTLK came out, character remains at 70, warcraft is a treadmill, if you want to be top level raiding. and raiding becomes worse than work, guild social and politics was appalling, liked about 4 people of about 40, cleared lots of high level stuff, If you have an addictive personality : DO NOT START THIS GAME, it will drink your life away like nobodys business. every expansion those purples and oranges you wasted time getting will become worse than greens, blizzard have created a treadmill for you with warcraft and every step you take on it your going nowhere if not backwards in your life and making money for them in the process, worse thing is the game lore is now a joke its so distended and repetetive “are you ready for the new challenge blah” “can you save azeroth from the XXXXX” pfff, and the fact they own your characters is a joke, why invest 150 days of your life creating something that isnt even your own property ? other more time controllable less grindy better and more open games will come along some day, with a fairer game maker user relationship.

wow … was never the same imo after they nerfed conditionals in the macro language …… many many moons ago. because that was all about blizzard making the grind even more grindy, extending the time required to achieve the same bad gameplay stuff in game, making you waste even more time playing the game. lets face it without addons, wow isn’t really wow, but blizzard don’t care about addon developers anymore than the users. users are merely profit margins in a spreadsheet. The individual user is a disposable item within the 12.5 million users or whatever its upto now, imagine someone in the real world had the ability to make dissappear 150 solid days worth of your effort with a whimfull decision, dont leave yourself exposed to that situation, dont invest any time in this game in the first place. Blizzard is an arrogant company FULL STOP. dont give them any money.

for new users > if you dont start something … you want have any difficulty stopping

only play games that have endpoints with 6 hours of continuous play , unlike this game which doesnt end, that might sound great but trust me a final cap to the azeroth story (all stories need an ending to be complete) would be a good idea, but theres probably too much money to be made to ever bring it to an end.