“it gets better” campaign

schmaltzy … possibly … most people dont care about people … fact. learn this now , with the billions on this planet its difficult to know anyone truly even if your in a relationship with them, sex is not the same as knowing someone, you will or will not live your life to your own satisfaction this will be the outcome which doesnt really matter. be assured nature is the only thing that shows you a balanced hand, humans are partial always, thats why they are less than soothing, so this video “it gets better” project is some form of coded gay support thing ? look if your gay … its ok … just whatever your sexuality is, its not interesting so dont shove it in my face, show some taste.

sword and sworcery by superbrothers

a clever game :

this game is like it has all my favourite game influences, theres a pixel dash of ibm pc “kings quest” with a soupson of “journey to the planets” from the atari 800xl, its got atmosphere and slickery and audio lushness of the amigas “another world”, it also has some of the charm and geometric wierdness of “systems twylight” on the old mac / ppc, what with bears that hum the david brent dance, and other little game and joke references, and great heap of tranquil ambience and sublime music. This developers needs giving allot more money to see what other worlds they can come up with id love to inhabit this world some more, in some kind of parallax stereo 3d pixel foggy radiosity version, on a 30″ screen :).