biggest waste of money ever ? $7.8 billion for mcafee ? is otellini mad those figures dont add up ?

biggest waste of money ever ?

Intel if your going to throw $7.8 billion around at least build fab plants for lower nm chips with the money or something, do what your good at ? divesting money into an antivirus software maker is pretty crazy considering, antivirus companys are two a penny as in theres dozens of them, and open source and free Continue reading

UK culture industry brain drain and tech

all text quotes are taken direct and undedited from the telegraph article here by “Milo Yiannopoulos” my responses are in italics

“This column recently praised Silicon Valley for its ebullience and optimism,
silicon valley has an an industry”

margaret thatcher pretty much caused the collapse of all manufacturing in britain including our silicon industry in favour of service industry’s by not marketing it right, and discouraging it, and giving up on manufacturing in general, if you dont practise the art of making things you loose the expertise to do so well, or even to do the design and instruct others somewhere else.

“noting that the attitude of Californian tech entrepreneurs was a major factor in the region’s success.”

hmm … Silicon valley is mainly still there today, because of collaborative efforts made in 1986 to unify the industry into a unified geographic unit to hold up against global chip market and innovate and to retain the design and industrial assets necessary to be in the semi fabrication game there, and this was acheived by bob noyce who made it his agenda to help bolster the chip industry through running the semi conducter industry body sematech, and also he popularised the IC by pricing them less than their production cost, and gambling production improvements and efficiencys could garner a profit back.

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over 2000 nuclear tests have been conducted

I think its worth the public knowing that over 2000 nuclear explosive tests were conducted and people are worried about nuclear war, seems like we already had one ? wtf can they have been learning form this overtesting mentality ? surely 20 tests might have done the job but over 2000 ?

the americans in particular were willy nilly knocking these tests out wtf were they doing for christs sake ? its like they were having side orders of nuclear tests with every fries sold or something ? seriously a heinous and egregiously uneccessary amount of tests were conducted it was as though america and russia were running a ‘who can out test each other book’ or something ? its ridiculous ? and over 300 atmospheric tests ? the americans polluted ‘our shared’ global atmosphere without so much as asking any world citizens or even theyre own countrymen whether this was right or not, if any proof were needed of the ego of nations maybe nuclear testing totals are the ultimate proof of how egotistical a country is ?

testban treaty inspection team ? ctbto

testban treaty nuclear inspection team.

how many millions and billions is being spent running this team ? which countrys general tax revenues can afford this nuclear roleplaying game ? Its sadly probably needed, what a testament to the stupidity of human decisions. but this shows how stupid nuclear technology is in the sense that now we have to fund millions toward roleplay technical teams to go on jollys like this because some countrys have a fetish for nuclear technology, is it worth it ?

no doubt they’ve released this video to justify the kind of public money being spent on them ? bureaucracy gone mad “ctbto” sounds like some kind of insane communist fictional cartel of bureaucrats, maybe the voiceover isnt helping ? looks like a camping holiday for nuclear scientists ? interesting to disregarding the two sides involved they appeared to have a third set of people to document the people documenting and collecting the evidence, thats heavy bureaucracy ? whichever way its just sad this needed, can any technology be worth it which requires this kind of bullshit to happen, just to make sure were safe from it ? and yet the UK is building more nuclear power stations ? … great ! when you add in all the waste and post processing, nuclear technology is allot like the cat in the hat comes back, whichever way the nuclear cat just seems to smear more radiation around rather than clear it up, brushing it under the carpet into vaults in the earth or building reprocessing plants that cost more to decomission the fuel, than the original cost benefit of using nuclear in the first place ?

I suppose the possibility of arriving at clean helium 3 fission reactors would probably not have been possible without having gone through this dirty phase of nuclear power generation first ?

paypal and ebay a biumvirate of user bullying

user bullying you say ? well like most of these tech giants when there isnt enough competition, they do what they please regardless of what the user wants and this one of the problems they start out with good moral philosophy and end up with a bad moral philosophy.

paypal appears not to be an accepted automatic fees payment method ? which isnt made clear when attempting to list an item on ebay ?

you state that paypal is one of the accepted automatic methods for paying listing fees ? yet when i attempt to setup automatic payments from my paypal account, on the paypal site, paypal insists Continue reading

Emdadur Choudhury possibly just another lazy & opiniated religious child nutter fed of the UK’s teat.

the usual uk immigrant population wind up

Have him returned to one of the existent and real muslim states in the world, after all he claims to be a good muslim, surely this is what he would desire idealogically ? after all his presence here in this country, has probably been caused by cheaper air travel originally, so he can logically take a flight back out to a real muslim state, in fact i would suggest that he must, as the kind of muslim he is, that probably desires a muslim state here in britain, it must be distressing for him to live here ?

In reality he lives here, because truthfully like most uk muslims however professedly radical, they remain here Continue reading