irish citzenship all it takes is holiday sex according to the EU.

According to this article. all it now takes to become an irish citizen is to fly there on holiday, on arriving or prior to arriving put you missus up the duff, then 10 months or less later out pops an irish citizen, and the parents can stay because of this, so basically anyones whos prepared to breed, and can illegally hop about ireland for 10 months avoiding being thrown out for overstaying there visa can become an irish citizen ? fucking great im sure its pretty much the same in crappy old britain, the european court of justice can go fuck itself, rights to my culture and citizenship should mean more than a holiday sperm injection.

fuck all these foreign invaders, they have no fucking respect for anything or anyone, the story of immigration is and endless story of systematic abuse of borders, generally by self enfranchising people of low morals who are prepared to do anything, I have much more respect for the foreign people who stay at home and remain as the genuine constituent natives in their own land, they are the decent real people that a country is made from. the world today is riddled by people who move to seek benefit for themselves, it is obvious action.

getting a peice of paper stamped in an office does not make culturally anything, it might technically make you a citizen but other than from a law perspective it means nothing culturally.

Things like this make me despise the EU and wish to see it burned to the ground its agenda seems to be to destroy all european borders completely and by this process create a cultureless uber fatherland, even the nazis would have been proud of. sooner or later theyll want to start flying there blue starry fucking flag all over the states of europe as well, only a little more propoganda to make that happen, and they love pumping out propoganda because they have an agenda.

being born somewhere when your on holiday should not make you a citizen of that country, its ridiculous 400 years worth of familial heritage and history somewhere native, can be washed aside by birthing somehwere foreign i dont think so, this is just immigrants taking advantage of systems.

uk stupidity when it comes to protecting ecosystem

uk stupidity when it comes to protecting ecosystem :

oh look its the green parrot, the grey squirrel, the signal crayfish, and now the fucking racoon, when are we going to ban all these people from importing foreign pets because all this crap is inevitable.

alternative solution tag every foreign animal and bred version electronically, and dna profile these animals, so we can fine the owner for environmental pollution, when they drop the fuckers by the roadside.