rubbish designer lightbulb industry still pushing cfl

designer energy lightbulb is just further proof as to how poor design has become in this country, that this heap of shit wins an international prize ! this is merely just a different form that is in itself not design unless that form adds better function to the product, it does not its just a different shape.

good design is in bad shape … this thing is a heap of shit, this is really art rather than design as the change in design has not yielded any improvement in function, theyve just taken the current CFL bulb and asked the factory to blow the glass tube in a slightly different configuration, its still the industry > pushing supermarket strip light technology from the seventies , enhanced a little by miniaturising it and enhancing the shitty starter refresh rate, untill they sort this to be instant on and correct the colour temperature of these things to match or be better than incandescant they are not good enough, incandescant warms life up with its glow these CFL bulbs seem to make us look like were all living in a mortuary, the light these things emit regardless of lumens measured seems dingy unstable and badly coloured and that is the function part of a lightbulb these guys must master or theyll never be liked regardless of energy savings, you want the bulbs to be adopted rather than guilted onto us for energy reasons ? well … make them match incandescant in colour temperature give them a 400hz refresh rate, make them safe, instant on, no warm up period of dinginess, and make them not fundamentally rely on transmuting uv radiation into visible light as uv light leakage can be very sensitising for some peoples skin.