UK culture industry brain drain and tech

all text quotes are taken direct and undedited from the telegraph article here by “Milo Yiannopoulos” my responses are in italics

“This column recently praised Silicon Valley for its ebullience and optimism,
silicon valley has an an industry”

margaret thatcher pretty much caused the collapse of all manufacturing in britain including our silicon industry in favour of service industry’s by not marketing it right, and discouraging it, and giving up on manufacturing in general, if you dont practise the art of making things you loose the expertise to do so well, or even to do the design and instruct others somewhere else.

“noting that the attitude of Californian tech entrepreneurs was a major factor in the region’s success.”

hmm … Silicon valley is mainly still there today, because of collaborative efforts made in 1986 to unify the industry into a unified geographic unit to hold up against global chip market and innovate and to retain the design and industrial assets necessary to be in the semi fabrication game there, and this was acheived by bob noyce who made it his agenda to help bolster the chip industry through running the semi conducter industry body sematech, and also he popularised the IC by pricing them less than their production cost, and gambling production improvements and efficiencys could garner a profit back.

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