over 2000 nuclear tests have been conducted

I think its worth the public knowing that over 2000 nuclear explosive tests were conducted and people are worried about nuclear war, seems like we already had one ? wtf can they have been learning form this overtesting mentality ? surely 20 tests might have done the job but over 2000 ?

the americans in particular were willy nilly knocking these tests out wtf were they doing for christs sake ? its like they were having side orders of nuclear tests with every fries sold or something ? seriously a heinous and egregiously uneccessary amount of tests were conducted it was as though america and russia were running a ‘who can out test each other book’ or something ? its ridiculous ? and over 300 atmospheric tests ? the americans polluted ‘our shared’ global atmosphere without so much as asking any world citizens or even theyre own countrymen whether this was right or not, if any proof were needed of the ego of nations maybe nuclear testing totals are the ultimate proof of how egotistical a country is ?