testban treaty inspection team ? ctbto

testban treaty nuclear inspection team.

how many millions and billions is being spent running this team ? which countrys general tax revenues can afford this nuclear roleplaying game ? Its sadly probably needed, what a testament to the stupidity of human decisions. but this shows how stupid nuclear technology is in the sense that now we have to fund millions toward roleplay technical teams to go on jollys like this because some countrys have a fetish for nuclear technology, is it worth it ?

no doubt they’ve released this video to justify the kind of public money being spent on them ? bureaucracy gone mad “ctbto” sounds like some kind of insane communist fictional cartel of bureaucrats, maybe the voiceover isnt helping ? looks like a camping holiday for nuclear scientists ? interesting to disregarding the two sides involved they appeared to have a third set of people to document the people documenting and collecting the evidence, thats heavy bureaucracy ? whichever way its just sad this needed, can any technology be worth it which requires this kind of bullshit to happen, just to make sure were safe from it ? and yet the UK is building more nuclear power stations ? … great ! when you add in all the waste and post processing, nuclear technology is allot like the cat in the hat comes back, whichever way the nuclear cat just seems to smear more radiation around rather than clear it up, brushing it under the carpet into vaults in the earth or building reprocessing plants that cost more to decomission the fuel, than the original cost benefit of using nuclear in the first place ?

I suppose the possibility of arriving at clean helium 3 fission reactors would probably not have been possible without having gone through this dirty phase of nuclear power generation first ?