Emdadur Choudhury possibly just another lazy & opiniated religious child nutter fed of the UK’s teat.

the usual uk immigrant population wind up

Have him returned to one of the existent and real muslim states in the world, after all he claims to be a good muslim, surely this is what he would desire idealogically ? after all his presence here in this country, has probably been caused by cheaper air travel originally, so he can logically take a flight back out to a real muslim state, in fact i would suggest that he must, as the kind of muslim he is, that probably desires a muslim state here in britain, it must be distressing for him to live here ?

In reality he lives here, because truthfully like most uk muslims however professedly radical, they remain here Continue reading

heroes mentality is an illusion

This heroes mentality is an illusion, the police, nurses, fireman, soldiers, there our heroes ? everybody’s a bloody a hero when they do something useful for other people, life is tough! most people are just doing a good job , some get overly paid for their meagre talents due to their selfish mentality, that’s the injustice, especially those in the public sector who get 30k for sitting in offices working how to spend tax revenue on themselves they don’t have to generate. The only way that soldiers, whose lives get wasted on unjust foreign wars are hero’s, is that an average soldiers wage is little in comparison to the majority of government pen pushers, and other public sectors workers, especially in contrast to the risks they might be taking, this is obviously leaving aside the statement of fact that we don’t have the money to waste traipsing the world trying to sort other country’s out, when ours is so knackered, in the first place. Artificially favouritising groups in society just divides society further and creates a deeper feeling of non unity in culture. Soldiers are taught many things discipline, absolute respect for authority and heirarchy, and a sense of team and services family, some of these things actually dis-enfranchise them from independant success outside the army afterwards, look into the programming that goes into soldiers psychologically that can harm them later on.