galliano : i bet he stumbled when he got up from that table

Well its not a security camera, the camera quite obviously belongs to those who he said this rubbish to ? man if you ever need any evidence as to why not to drink and interact with people when darkly drunk and messed up which galliano quite obviously is here ? this is it. Galliano is providing a clear demonstration of how terrible someone looks and in this case sounds when drunk.

they were trying to ilicit something with “are you blonde”, theres a prior to this conversation weve all missed, as they must have switched their camera phone on belatedly. As soon as they realised what dynamite drivel was pouring from his mouth, they certainly seem to be enjoying filiming him make an idiot of himself. to be honest this drunken rubbish is going to ruin his career, but he doesnt look like hes enjoying it much anymore, he truly needs to go for a very long walk.
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gender and equality, insurance flipside hohoho!

gender and equality filipside hohoho!

now the insurers must be thinking wait a minute if we cant prejudicially discriminate against greater risk ? then all premiums will end up being the same ? is not youth being charged more, age discrimination ? where do we go when no-one is allowed any form of or any kind of prejudice, this is where people don’t understand discrimination there is a difference between unwarranted prejudice and something that statistics actually provably bear out as being true, now the actuarys arent even allowed to do their jobs because of EU insanity hehehehe :) its a funny old world. as a bloke its of benefit to me but seriously this is ridiculous that were not even allowed to operate on the basis of the truth ? but thats where all this over PC legislation gets you, the worship of falsitys for the sake of not offending anyone hehehe.

ESOL funding cuts, fine by me

ESOL funding cuts campaign oh I’m so teary, only the wet consider this a high priority ?

No language skills so therefore going to claim benefits perpetually ! WTF is that blackmail ? to be honest the cheapest solution is for immigrants not be here in the first place, especially Somali immigrants who come from a country that is constantly holding foreign people to ransom, as far I’m concerned I have no empathy for this waste of public funds whether on the teachers or the students perhaps Continue reading

renderfarms 4 – 6 – 8 – 12 core systems

due to intels pricing model and artificial deliberate market segmentation and lack of competition, intel will not produce dual processor boards for i3/i5/i7 chips, though this be fully within the realm of possibility. This is so they can reserve the concept of 8 – 12 core machines for server level only, if they wanted intel could produce a dual processor i5 2600k, which could then evidentially be clocked at 5ghz yielding 40ghz in a single box/machine very usefull for render farms and those who currently need as much power as they can get, there is no reason apart from pricing models why this machine could not be built for under a grand, but technology companys want to make as much money as possible, so they drip feed change into the market at their own pace, because amd and intel together are not providing enough market competition to make such a machine possible, it would be more likely for amd to offer a cheap 12 core system than intel if it were to happen. though its probably possible to build a dual processor opteron system cheaper, once you look into pricing a dual processor xeon or opteron system you begin to realise a mac pro though expensive is a reasonably priced system compared to doing it yourself.

it would currently and probably for the near future be more cost effective when building a render farm to buy quad i5 2600k’s and overclock them to 5ghz or single 6 core phenom systems, than buy or build any 8 or 12 core systems, purely from a pounds per gigahertz render-farm perspective.