Im gay therefore I have a right to remain in your country ! wtf !

more insane liberal bullshit. read the article and see for yourself how minority groups literally try and fuck our country up the arse.

Home Office advice to gay asylum seekers criticised

sexuality being described as some kind of essential human right ?
and claiming that is equalitous in importance with religious or cultural grouping, ie being gay should be a protected group ! wtf ie give me preferential treatment ahead of heterosexual people please, because i like to stick my penis up arses, wear a dildo or munch on muff, please be real there is nothing sacrisanct about sexuality, its a lifestyle choice of the individual, it is not a human right. and many hetrosexuals seem to partake in these sexual antics does this make them gay and a protected group also ?

certainly not in this parliments eyes.

As far as i’m concerned it would be fairer to bar all cases of asylum on sexuality or religion or cultural grouping, lets just have no asylum whatsoever, the concept of asylum was invented in times previous as a form of gentility when the country was not over-populated and had the wealth to offer such opportunitys, now asylum is just creating competition for poor native people. Continue reading

Israel allow the palestinian prison population some tuck

Isreal lifts the block on certain items and restricts the quantity of others ? whoop doo Israel … we all now think the world of you !?! NOT !

Have you noticed Israel thinks they are somehow entitled to dictate what theyre neighbour is allowed, like a prison population the palestinians are told what materials they are allowed, and which freedoms they can excercise, Palestine is no more than a subjugated and imprisoned population who must bow and scrape to Israel. Palestine cannot in its current state be considered to exist as a country.

What do Israel see the palestinian population as ? some children they have charge over ? to whimfully neglect, and destroy their population, infrastructure, governmnent, and freedoms.

This is a joke, if this Prisonification was being done to the Israeli population, theyd be winging for a thousand years about the oppression they suffered ? at the hands of their Continue reading