Israel allow the palestinian prison population some tuck

Isreal lifts the block on certain items and restricts the quantity of others ? whoop doo Israel … we all now think the world of you !?! NOT !

Have you noticed Israel thinks they are somehow entitled to dictate what theyre neighbour is allowed, like a prison population the palestinians are told what materials they are allowed, and which freedoms they can excercise, Palestine is no more than a subjugated and imprisoned population who must bow and scrape to Israel. Palestine cannot in its current state be considered to exist as a country.

What do Israel see the palestinian population as ? some children they have charge over ? to whimfully neglect, and destroy their population, infrastructure, governmnent, and freedoms.

This is a joke, if this Prisonification was being done to the Israeli population, theyd be winging for a thousand years about the oppression they suffered ? at the hands of their Continue reading