domain registration fees : nominet where is the money ?

where do it come from, where do it go

and how is the stockpile of money generated spent by the directorsin charge of it ?

Come to think of it how and where is the money raised by annual domain registration fees spent ?

great article revealing the truth behind the slush fund managers of the uk domain space aparently they have millions in an account and they use it as if it were their own private fund ? least thats the accusation.

article to read here >

im sure all the other domains must be in a similar situation.

godaddy site confused

why is godaddy a cant see the wood for the trees scenario ? im really the site has tone of crap screaming at full volume in your face, much like american culture in general, its the woohooooo of websites, and most of is there to distract you from the real things you need to click on, and try and persuade you to click on half a dozen other servicesto make you pay more money.

How to remove a My norton account.

Does anyone know how to remove a “my norton account”, im not talking about using a norton removal tool to remove the software itself, as I know about this. Im talking about removing all my information from the norton website, including the “my norton account” login.

at the moment it appears impossible to remove your information from the norton site.

but then most websites provide very little way to remove your account completely once created.